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We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us directly with additional questions or for more information.

  • How much will it cost?


    To answer that question we usually need at least one full set of plans for initial review. If the project is in the very preliminary planning stages or not even on paper, it is very difficult to determine costs based on theoretical square footage and building site dynamics. We can help you figure out the basic costs of a custom home, but having at least a preliminary set of drawings, as well as some construction details regarding material and finish selections make this process much more accurate. The more information you bring to us, the more comprehensive of an estimate we can provide. We can also help “value engineer” your plans and ideas in an attempt to accommodate your desired budget.

  • Are your prices competitive?


    Yes, our experience tells us that our prices are competitive, and we feel that we provide the very best value to ensure our clients receive the finest finished product and aren’t overpaying. We are constantly updating our pricing, and generally put most of the subcontractor trades out to bid to our team of reliable subcontractors, most of whom we have worked with for many years.

    Additionally, our project estimates are extremely detailed on the front-end. This gives our clients a complete and accurate picture of the total project cost before construction begins to avoid surprises and unanticipated overruns later.

  • How long will it take to build?


    This question is a difficult one to answer until all of the drawings and specifications are completed and the full scope of the project is determined. That said, we generally estimate that the construction of a relatively simple new home will take between six and nine months to complete. As a home grows in size and complexity, the duration grows as well. Elements such as difficult site conditions, access from neighboring areas, and staging areas for materials can dramatically impact the schedule.

    We provide our clients with an estimated construction schedule once the final drawings and budget have been determined, and we understand that time is generally of the essence. We will do what we can to accommodate and address any scheduling concerns.

  • Do you do design work?


    Yes, we do design work. At Bill Darrah Builders, we have a team of architects, designers, and landscape professionals that we partner with to facilitate the design process. We also have the capacity to do some design work in house. We believe that being a part of the design team and being involved in project planning from the very beginning makes the entire process more efficient and helps our clients get a better finished product. Early involvement also helps us create a more accurate budget for the project, thus eliminating surprises after the design is complete.

  • In addition to design work, what other preconstruction services do you offer?


    As mentioned above, we will work with architects, interior designers and any other third parties as required during the planning phase and throughout the duration of a project.

    Additionally, we work with our clients to prepare a preliminary scope of work and estimated project budget, and to value engineer the scope of work and finish selections to meet any financial expectations. We work directly with our clients as required to make material and finish selections before breaking ground and throughout the duration of the project.

    We also offer assistance researching any site issues including zoning and possible variance requirements, as well as permitting issues.

  • Can you help us through the permit process with the County of Maui?

    Yes. We understand permitting requirements and are experienced at facilitating the permit process with the County of Maui. We assist our clients in preparing and gathering all of the necessary information to make the permitting process as smooth and efficient as possible.

  • Do you provide a fixed start date and completion date? How do change orders affect the project timeline?

    During the project planning phase, we work to understand our clients’ expectations regarding project timelines. We prepare a detailed construction schedule to estimate the duration of a project based on our experience and review of all construction and design plans, taking into consideration required permits, contracts, etc, and will do our very best to accommodate any desired start and/or finish dates.

    Any change orders or requests for additional work, depending on their nature and scope, may extend the completion date of the project although we always to our best to minimize any delays.

  • How many jobs do you work on at any given time?

    We are a small company and believe that our smaller volume keeps us in touch with our clients and their needs. We generally build or renovate between two and five homes per year, but this number varies based on the scope and complexity of the respective projects. We rely on our own team of skilled craftsmen and a dedicated team of subcontractors, and will not compromise quality by taking on more work than we know we can manage at any given time.

    We are able to keep crews on each of our jobs until completion, which helps guarantee a complete follow through of quality and accountability until we turn over the keys.

  • How do you handle site supervision? Do you have your own crew to do some of the work, or do you rely solely on subcontractors?

    A trustworthy and accountable presence is on site at all times to oversee subcontractors and the onsite team dedicated to the project. Our crew includes a seasoned, full-time superintendent, job foremen, and a skilled team of carpenters who we believe to be Maui’s best and many of whom have been with our company for as long as ten years. Following are some of the responsibilities that Bill Darrah Builders performs directly:

    • Site supervision for the duration of the project
    • Site work – excavation and grading
    • Concrete form work
    • Structural work, foundation and framing
    • Carpentry and fine finish work

    To complement our crew, we have longstanding relationships with a short list of reliable subcontractors that we have generally worked with for many years, and rely on their expertise in their respective fields. They know and understand our level of quality, and we use only who we consider to be the very best in their trade.

  • How do you keep clients up-to-date on project progress? How often to you communicate with clients as a job is progressing?

    We believe that communicating with clients and other stakeholders through the entire design and construction processes is one of our greatest strengths.

    We use a web-based portal that our clients can access from anywhere in the world. The portal is used to share recent progress photos, communicate project milestones, make material and finish selections, and indicate items that need attention. On at least a biweekly basis, we either email or post new progress photos, as well as job reports from our industry-specific project management & accounting software, MasterBuilder. The job reports provide information on a particular project such as original project budget, any change orders, all invoices issued to date, the contract balance and the percentage complete. Also, our invoices are available in a variety of formats and can be customized to show clients the desired level of detail.

    Our approach is to be proactive and have excellent, ongoing communication, not only with our clients, the architect and any designers, but also within our own team. There is constant interaction between the field and the office, and the project superintendent works closely with the project manager to ensure all aspects of the project are being addressed.

    In addition to our routine communication, we reach out to our clients as needed, and are always an email or a phone call away.

  • Do you provide a warranty for your work?

    We provide a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship, and beyond that we carry a moral warranty to make sure our clients are happy and completely satisfied.

  • Are you licensed and fully insured?

    We are licensed in the State of Hawaii, and carry all necessary insurance including general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Certificates of insurance are available as needed and upon request.

    In addition, all of our subcontractors are licensed and insured.

Bill Darrah Builders, Inc.
360 Papa Place, Unit B-2
Kahului, Maui, Hawaii 96732
(808) 877-7799